As our extensive state-of-the-art hire fleet continues to advance, we are able to offer current, high quality instruments from Automatic Levels, Rotating Lasers and Pipe Lasers to Total Stations and GNSS/GPS Solutions, to suit each individual requirement.

Our hire fleet is maintained to the very highest of standards and is subjected to regular maintenance, service and calibrations.

When you hire with us, we not only supply the chosen instruments, we also offer free on-site training and, if any technical questions arise about the instruments, we offer a dedicated technical support line, manned by our skilled technicians who will assist you through the project.

With a comprehensive range of instruments currently on our hire fleet, and great low rates with nationwide delivery, there is only one name you need to remember when it comes to hiring survey equipment – Smith Surveying Equipment Limited.

Hire Rates£ / wk
Leica Levelling Equipment
Automatic Level£10.00
NA2 Precise Automatic Level£30.00
Parallel Plate Micrometer£30.00
Sprinter Digital Level£45.00
Precise Digital Level (+/-0.3mm) – DNA03 / LS15£70.00
Invar Staff£10.00
Leica Laser Equipment
Rotating Laser£25.00
Interior Laser£40.00
Grade Laser£60.00
Pipe Laser£35.00
Laser Plummet£40.00
DISTO Laser Distancemeter£20.00
Line/Point Laser£20.00
Leica Total Stations
Reflectorless Total Station (Flexline TS06)£95.00
iCON Robotic Total Station£180.00
5″ Robotic Total Station (TCRP 1205 / TS15 / TS16)£200.00
1″ Robotic Total Station (TCRP 1201 / TS15 / TS16)£250.00
Monitoring Total Station (TM30 / TS50)£350.00
Multi Station (MS50 / MS60)£700.00
Controller (CS10 / CS15 / CS20)£60.00
Leica GPS Equipment
NetRover / SmartRover (includes SmartNet Licence & Vodafone GPRS data)£350.00
Full RTK Base & Rover (GS15 / GS16)£750.00
SmartNet License£150.00
Location Detection
Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT4/eCAT4) Detector£25.00
Radiodetection Genny (to be used with CAT)£25.00
Radiodetection RD8000 Locator£80.00
Radiodetection Tx Transmitter (to be used with RD Locator)£80.00
Ground Penetrating Radar System
Hire Kit Includes: All GPR Equipment, Trolley, Ruggedised Laptop PC with Installed Software
Safety Equipment
Gas Detectors£35.00
Escape Set£20.00
Fall Arrest Kit£40.00
Rescue Harness£10.00
Test and Inspection Equipment
Light Meter£25.00
Soil Tester£25.00
Sound Level Meter (Type 2)£25.00
Metal Detector£35.00
Moisture Meter£25.00
Thermal Imaging Camera£150.00
Video Boroscope£35.00
Inspection Drain Camera System£350.00
Basic Covermeter£50.00
Hilti Ferroscan PS 250 System – Covermeter£350.00
Hilti Ferroscan PS 1000 System – Covermeter£1000.00
Accessories / Miscellaneous
Mini Prism (including 4 x Poles)£10.00
Mini Prism 360 Degree (including 4 x poles)£10.00
Traverse Half Kit£10.00
Traverse Full Kit£20.00
Diagonal Eyepiece (for Total Station)£10.00
Column Clamp£25.00
Drain Reel£50.00
Signal Clamp£10.00
Laser Detector£10.00

All required accessories (tripod, staff, detail pole, prism etc) come with the above instrumentation.

Delivery and collection £12.50 each way.

Next day delivery is offered on all hire equipment as standard.

Should you require a long-term hire, special discounted rates are available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you may have.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT.