Carriers are available as either an Optical Carrier, Non-Optical Carrier or a Laser Carrier and are generally used as part of a matched manufacturer compatible set with a Tribrach and Prism Assembly.

Used extensively for establishing stations when performing Traversing or as a reference object (RO) during Total Station or GPS Surveys.

Smith Surveying Equipment Limited offer the complete range of Leica Traverse kit accessories and Datum Traverse Kit products.

Like all other Leica Geosystems accessories, original carriers distinguish themselves through outstanding quality features.

The high precision carriers of the Professional 5000 Series offer you a choice between a carrier with laser plummet, or optical plummet and longitudinal bubble for high accuracy positioning.

Professional 5000 carriers deliver an outstanding 0.3 mm centring accuracy.

The carriers of the Professional 3000 Series offer a centring accuracy of 1.0 mm.

For a more economical solution, similar prducts can be found in the DATUM range.

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