Leica Icon Total Stations supply the combination of powerful innovative software and reliable hardware to create Total Stations that streamline your workflows and help increase profitability.

Designed to be easy to use by site personnel and not just surveyors, the new iCon Total stations utilise the iCONstruct field software to help simplify construction measurement and setout tasks, while retaining all the functionality you would expect from a high-end Total Station.

iCon allows tailored solutions to individual requirements and the software is flexible to use with iCon GPS too, so you only have to learn one software package when you expand or upgrade your system.

The Leica iCon, or Intelligent Construction system, is a complete construction workflow:

iCONstruct – Tailor-made hardware and software solutions for positioning and measuring tasks on site.

  • Custom Built
  • Straightforward
  • Extendable
  • Interchangeable

iCONtrol – Provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of powerful machine control solutions that communicate seamlessly with your iCONstruct sensors on site and office software.

  • Intelligent and flexible control system
  • Reliable & seamless sensor communication
  • Streamlined workflow & data handling
iCONsult – An extensive support network, with clear guidance on intelligent CONstruction benefits to grow your business
  • Worldwide network
  • Personal service
  • Professional consultancy
iCONnect – Offers easy data transfer from office to site & machine, remote support for operators on the machine and basic fleet management.
  • Simplifies work processes, saving time & cost
  • Instant guidance and checks
  • Real-time data guarantees accurate jobs
  • High productivity
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