The vCam-6 reels are built tough for high performance use to cope with your day-in/day-out situations.

All the reels are built of stainless steel for outdoor use and come with locatable sondes and detachable field-serviceable termination coils.

Our “True Blue” brand of pushrod gives you maximum pushing distances in pipes but with good flexibility for going through elbows and sweeps.


  • Profile is wide enough to roll without rocking and tipping but slim enough to go through doorways and gates.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Friction and locking brakes.
  • Available in 60m and 120m of 12mm rod.


Camera Heads

Vivax-Metrotech Camera Heads have stainless steel housings, tough sapphire lenses with high intensity LEDs.

Our camera heads are a “modular” design for easy service by local authorized service centers.

The camera attaches to hardened termination springs – tougher than those used in previous models – which are able to negotiate sweeps and difficult entry points.

All our camera heads carry our full one year warranty, and a camera exchange program is available